Usui Reiki 2

This is a one day intensive workshop for students who have already completed Reiki Level 1.

First Degree Reiki provides you with a solid foundation for your future practice and provides you with important tools that you can use to help balance your energy system, and promote self-healing and spiritual development. But there is far more to Reiki than can be passed on – or assimilated – in just one course. Reiki ‘Second Degree’ provides you with ways of deepening your experience of the energy, furthering your self-healing and spiritual development, and providing you with approaches that will enhance your treatment of others, whether in person or at a distance. Second Degree moves your Reiki onto a new level.

In this one day workshop we will have a quick recap on Reiki Level One. We will then proceed to cover areas in Reiki Level 2 which includes:

  • Nature and purpose of Reiki symbols
  • Distance Healing and how to use Reiki symbols
  • Reiki 2 symbols and practice
  • Preparation for a Reiki attunement
After you complete your Reiki Level 2 you will be able to obtain insurance and practice professionally, if you so wish.
Investment is €250


If you are interested in taking a workshop with me,
please check the dates below and contact me for details.